Jallikattu in Chennai from January 7 tamil live news, tamil news today, tamil, tamil news, redpix – Chennai Video

Jallikattu in Chennai from January 7 tamil live news, tamil news today, tamil, latest tamil news, redpix
tamil news today
The Jallikattu Premier League will be organised by the Tamil Nadu Jallikattu Peravai and the Chennai Jallikattu Amaippu on East Coast Road.
No word yet on what animal rights groups have to say about this fascinating new development.
Jallikattu is generally played during Pongal, a harvest festival. It is played in southern parts of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Trichy, Alanganallur, and Avaniapuram.
Earlier this year, the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a bill – replacing an ordinance – which made jallikattu legal in the state. It had been banned by the Supreme Court in 2014.

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