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chennai pakoda festival modi pakoda h raja pakoda and beef pakoda tamil news, tamil live news, news in tamil redpix

A group of youth in chennai held a pakoda festival today in chennai. They had named modi pakoda beef pakoda and h raja pakoda While speaking to the media they said, the youth said “we made a good profit of 300 rupees by selling pakoda, and we request modi give exemption from gst, We were promised 2 crore jobs, but unfortunately there are no jobs for youngsters like us and in such a time, PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are advising the youth to sell pakoda to earn a living. Instead of giving jobs, they give such advises, which is very shameful.”
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  1. Kalakal boys…modi's tea is missing

  2. Bro apidiyae ..Chennai airport தமிழ் நீக்கம் பத்தியும் சொல்லுங்க…


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