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There are many reasons why I think India is a must-visit country for serious travelers. The combination of warm and friendly locals, beautiful cultures, stunning architecture, fascinating historical sites, and some of the most mouthwatering food in the world, makes for an incredible place you have to experience for yourself! I took my second trip to India in November of 2018 with my buddy Sam from Samuel & Audrey and it was truly the trip of a lifetime!

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Day two in Chennai continued with a stop to get some mud coffee, followed by an incredibly spicy Tamil Nadu mutton feast at a local restaurant. Come and join me, Sam, and our friend Deepak as we continue exploring Chennai!

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We started off at Mud Koffee, a popular place in Chennai where the coffee is brewed in a metal container with the help of heated sand. A secret ingredient is added to the coffee and then it’s served in a cup made of mud! It was incredible and was almost like hot chocolate!

Next, it was time for dinner at Thambi Vilas, which has been open since 1959 and has a very old-school flair inside. We started with a Goli Soda, which was like lychee-flavored water. It was fantastic!

For dinner, we ordered 20 dishes including mutton, fish, and biryanis, most of which I’d never tried before! I couldn’t wait to dive in!

I started with some prawns, which were served in a masala-like curry with curry leaves. They were amazing! The next food I tried was the chicken leg, which was tender, juicy, and a little fatty and the masala on it was incredible. I followed that with the fried mutton brain, which is hot and kind of gelatinous, and full of masala and curry leaves. It’s my favorite dish in Chennai!

Next up was the mutton intestines, which is also gelatinous and comes in a delicious, spicy masala with curry leaves. I’m fully convinced you can eat any part of the mutton animal and make it taste good! This dish, along with the brain, blew my mind!

Next, I tried the egg khalakki, which is a scrambled egg dish with mutton sauce. It was great! I followed that with small, crispy pieces of spicy calamari with onion. It was phenomenal! I love squid and this dish did not disappoint at all!

The chest of the mutton was next. It was juicy and fatty and the best mutton I’ve ever had! After that were fried mutton balls covered in spices, which were soft and mushy with lots of complex flavors.

Then we went with the Nethili Fish Fry, a small, fried fish with a lot of spices. They had bones in them, but because the fish are so small, they go down easily. Next was mutton nalli, which was so meaty and flavorful that I couldn’t help but enjoy it with my eyes closed! Every dish had different spices on it and I couldn’t get over how varied and amazing they all were!

The Chicken Saalna was next, which is tender, spicy chicken with a paratha that’s soaked in gravy. I loved it! Then I had the Mutton Saalna, which was even better! It even topped the brain and intestines for me! Then I dove into the Mutton Chukka, which was soft and buttery, with a consistency almost like liver.

Next was the Kothu Parotta, which was like turkey stuffing, followed by spicy fried cauliflower. It was easily my favorite cauliflower dish! Then I tried the mutton dosa, a gigantic mutton patty with egg and a dosa underneath. It was almost like a crab cake!

Chicken Kappa was next, which is a stuffed, layered crepe, with both chicken and mutton gravies. It was so good! I followed that with a noodle cake with mutton gravy, which was stringy but so flavorful, and mutton biryani, which had lots of little bones in it with yogurt-covered onions which helped calm down my burning mouth!

We wrapped up our meal with elaneer cake, which is a thick, delicious coconut pudding that tastes exactly like coconut meat and had a layer of gelatin on the bottom, which made for a really nice contrast. It was a phenomenal way to end this spicy mutton feast!

I hope you enjoyed our sumptuous and spicy mutton feast! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. And please subscribe to my channel!

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  2. David, your stomach is strong by God's grace. Did u ever have loose motions in India?

  3. Hello David am very big fan of u r videos… Please try home made foods, not in restaurant…. U will taste real flavours of Indian food. Home made is heaven….

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    Wow David… hats off to you
    Even I can't stand this much of Spicey Indian food

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